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How, from losing my interest in the flower business, I became an avid florist

It was the initial years of my life in the flower business. The sales were not encouraging and the thought of changing my profession would frequently cross my mind. 

One day, when our delivery man was on leave, my father asked me to step in and deliver flower bouquets and arrangements scheduled for the day.

Soon I was delivering flowers almost every day and I was finding it more interesting than I actually thought it would be. Then one day I found myself in a hospital carrying a lovely bouquet to be delivered there. “Look at those wonderful flowers!!”, “Are they for me?” I could hear people exclaiming looking at them. When I handed the bouquet to the recipient,  an old lady, she was so happy seeing the flowers that she was ecstatic! She started crying! This was a life-altering moment for me. I thought this is what I want to do. From that day, I started taking more interest in my business and my business started flourishing.

This was a new beginning for me as people started asking me to directly supply wedding flowers for weddings and events. At first, my friends came to me with such requests, and then later brides and companies joined in. 

As I gleefully agreed to serve them, I discovered that there really was an opportunity to do something creative with the decoration of flowers. And thus began my second business vertical of floral decor for weddings and events. 

I decided to buy a florist software so I could manage my business in a better way. I have never looked back since then.