Send condolence flowers to India

We deliver funeral flowers, sympathy flowers and condolence bouquets, all over India same day. You can place order online and it will be our top priority. You are deeply saddened by the loss of someone.Convey your feelings by ordering fresh flowers condolence bouquets online. Show them your sympathy, tell them you are there for them in these dark times. These flowers will comfort them. What a better way to say "may the soul of the deceased be at peace with our heavenly father". Funeral orders are our top priority. We keep all other orders aside and put all our energy on the sympathy order. Flowers have to be delivered to the bereaved family on time. Mostly white lilies, roses, carnations, orchids are used in India. Colored flowers are not used in India for condolence. Once you have placed your order online, please give us a call at 9971706677. In case you do not call, you are likely to get a call from our office in 15 minutes (our time is IST 9 AM to 9 PM). Your compassionate condolence message will be written on a small card and attached with the flowers.It is a sad and sensitive moment, so please take extra time to write your message. Your sympathy to the bereaved family will always be remembered. In India , funeral of deceased is carried out by Christians and Muslims communities. The Hindus (who are a majority in India) and Sikh do cremation.If you are looking for condolence flowers delivery India or online funeral flower delivery or floral wreath online India or want to buy funeral wreaths online India, India Florist Direct should be your first choice.